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LibSCModCam Documentation



LibSCModCam is a library to allow Linux applications written in C++ to control a Philips USB Webcam that has been modified according to the SC modifications. This library depends on the PWC/PWCX kernel drivers available here:

Currently only the SC1 modification and the C++ language are supported. There are no plans to support other languages or modifications. If you enhance the support of this library, please submit your changes at the libscmodcam project page:


See the example file lexp.cpp for a quick tutorial. Click "Examples" on the top menu, then lexp.cpp.


Extract the distribution tarball and cd into the directory.

$ tar xfvj libscmodcam-*.tar.bz2
$ cd libscmodcam-*

Type 'make' to build the library and the example:

$ make

Optionally build the documentation with 'doxygen':

$ doxygen

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